April Movie Rankings

April Movie Rankings:
Here is the movie positions for the movies of April 2013!!

April 1

#5- “Parental Guidance”
81%= Juicy Popcorn
Pros: Great story, funny, and fun for the whole family.
Cons: Close to the ending was non-realistic and I, just my experience, couldn’t pay attention to the beginning.

#4- “Premium Rush”
84%= Juicy Popcorn
Pros: Great action, visuals, and story.
Cons: A lot of cussing and it has a confusing way to show the order of events.

April 2

#3- “Red Dawn” (2012)
86%= Juicy Popcorn
Pros: Explosions, great modernized story (for a remake), and action packed.
Cons: An unexpected killing I wish never happened and it’s hard to picture Josh Peck as the jock that’s cussing and stuff in the movie.

#2- “Total Recall” (2012)
90%= Juicy Popcorn
Pros: Great action scenes, story (even though it’s a remake), and great acting.
Cons: Someone came back to life for no apparent reason.

April 3

#1- “Life of Pi”
92%= Juicy Popcorn
Pros: Great story, acting, CGI, very colorful, and well thought.
Cons: A little weird in some parts.

“Life of Pi” will be going up against “Oz the Great and Powerful” and all the other #1 movies of the months at the end of the year to see which movie will become the 2013 Movie of the Month!! No matter what place the other movies got, I still recommend anyone to watch each!!!

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