“The Mist”


FRIDAY NIGHT MOVIE REVIEW: Well this is the last Friday movie night review of me being 14 years old and I chose to watch this. It’s been glaring at me in the movie book for years and now I finally seen it, “The Mist.” I just have one thing to say: Stephen King has a messed up mind. I liked the movie for some parts, like suspenseful scenes and actions scenes and it may tell you that it is a tale of terror on the poster, but by the words of Corey Green it is “moral torture.” The movie at first was alright. I yelled at the screen for how stupid they reacted to some things, but I gotta tell you, the ending was AWEFUL. It ended so badly and sad that I wanted to look on the menu for an alternate ending. I actually have trouble figuring out the score for this because of how much it was bad in parts and a little bit good in others. Unless you wanna see how tormented and weird this movie is, I don’t recommend it. FINAL SCORE: 70%= Burnt Popcorn

Here is the trailer:


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