FRIDAY NIGHT MOVIE REVIEW: Well this is the second movie that I have seen that was from the mind of Stephen King (the other being “The Mist” which you can check it out in the search bar), and fortunately this one had at least a pretty good ending. The movie is called “1408” starring John Cusack (2012, Igor) and Samuel L. Jackson (The Avengers, The Incredibles). It is about a not so famous writer (Cusack) who left his wife when their daughter died to document haunted hotels. One day he gets a letter from the mail which gives him the location of the Dolphin Hotel which holds the most haunted room ever, room 1408, which had 56 suicides/deaths in it. Since all of his original hotels that he visited were complete shams, he thought this would be a piece of cake. After being told so many times not to stay in there by the manager (Jackson), he still went in and very much regretted it. I thought it was alright. I mean I don’t ever watch scary movies so I watched this with the lights on and it was alright, but still Stephen King has a weird imagination. FINAL SCORE: 84%= Juicy Popcorn

Here is the trailer:

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