“Grown Ups 2”


FRIDAY NIGHT MOVIE REVIEW: After a short week, I got to see a funny movie tonight called “Grown Ups 2” starring Adam Sandler (Billy Madison, Eight Crazy Nights), Kevin James (The King of Queens, Mall Cop), Chris Rock (Everybody Hates Chris, Madagascar), David Spade (Tommy Boy, The Emperor’s New Groove), and many other famous stars. This movie is the first sequel to any of Adam Sandler’s films and starts a while far after the events of the first movie except Rob Schneider wasn’t in it. After having a vacation at his hometown, Lenny (Sandler) decides to move there with his friends into his old neighborhood. The movie basically has no main plot at all except a bunch of random funny stuff (which I don’t find bad at all) like Marcus (Spade) having a kid that he never knew about who is ripped and wants to smash his head in, Officer Fluzoo (Shaq) and his partner doing crazy things, a weird bus driver named Nick (Nick Swardson) who does crazy things also (to me he is the funniest character in the movie), and an 80’s party at the end of the movie which turns out to be a brawl between thirties to fifty year olds and college frat boys. I thought the movie was hilarious especially how the character Malcolm (Meadows) and his family say the phrase “what!?” all the time. I also liked all the famous people who starred in this movie like Andy Samberg, Jon Lovitz, Steve Austin, Dan Patrick, Taylor Lautner, and many more. I would recommend this to any Happy Madison, Adam Sandler, Grown Ups, or comedy movie fans! FINAL SCORE: 80%= Juicy Popcorn


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