Juicy Awards I- Funniest Character Nominees

Funniest character nominees


1. Nick Hilliard (“Grown Ups 2”)
Why he’s a nominee?- For me, he is my favorite character of “Grown Ups 2” because of how funny he was from taking a dump in a display toilet at a store to being flung by an inflatable raft in a box.

2. Roycephus “Roy” Pulsipher (“R.I.P.D.”)
Why he’s a nominee?- Jeff Bridges does a great job in giving this character life with his jokes on the job and wise-cracking shenanigans making him a funny character in “R.I.P.D.”

3.  Whitey Duvall (“Eight Crazy Nights”)
Why he’s a nominee?- Whitey is a classic. He does very funny things (having an imaginary wife being one of them) and what makes him really funny is when he intentionally tries to do something good, but it ends up being wrong.

4. Lewis (“The Way Way Back”)
Why he’s a nominee?- Just one look at this character, for me, makes me laugh. I feel sorry for him and I can’t help, but laugh at everything he does from his dancing to his sarcasm.

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