Juicy Awards I- Best Supporting Actor Nominees

Best supporting actor nominees


1. Tommy Lee Jones as Samuel Gerard (“The Fugitive”)
Why he’s a nominee?- I’ve always enjoys Jones’s acting from other movies and in this one he really does a great job in giving his character so much devotion in capturing the escape convict, Richard Kimble.

2. Jon Bernthal as Daniel James (“Snitch”)
Why he’s a nominee?- The only other place I have seen Jon Bernthal in is “The Walking Dead” and when I saw that he played in this, it was really cool and awesome because this guy is a great actor.

3. Zachary Quinto as Spock (“Star Trek: Into Darkness”)
Why he’s a nominee?- He’s not a Leonard Nimoy, but he plays a really good Spock in both of these movies and still keeps the greatness of Spock going!

4. Armie Hammer as John Reid/The Lone Ranger (“The Lone Ranger”)
Why he’s a nominee?- You’re probably asking, “why is Armie Hammer a supporting character when he is the lone ranger?” Well in the movie, it’s more of Tonto’s time to shine. Besides that, Hammer did a great job playing the lone ranger and I hope they make a sequel!

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