Juicy Awards I- Worst Ending Nominees (CONTAINS SPOILERS)

Worst ending nominees


1. “The Great Gatsby”
Why it’s a nominee?- The ending to this movie wasn’t necessarily down right awful, bad taste in your mouth bad, but it was terribly sad making me wish the ending was done a different way than it was originally planned out.

2. “The Call”
Why it’s a nominee?- I get the sense of giving a taste of your own medicine, but it was just plainly awful at how they left this ending leaving the bad guy down in his lair to rot and not even turning him in. That’s not justice, that’s just bad.

3. “The Mist”
Why it’s a nominee?- The whole point of this movie for the main character was to keep his child safe and get out of this alive. Well when the ending came up, he completely flushed all of that down the drain to a point where the ending to this movie was just sick.

4. “The Dinosaur Project”
Why it’s a nominee?- Obviously if this movie got the burnt popcorn award, it would be considered to not have a very good ending. The movie really started in a way to set up what the ending is and since this movie was so bad, the ending didn’t really make up for anything.


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