Juicy Awards I- Most Confusing Moment Nominees

Most confusing moment nominees


1. “1408”
What’s the moment?- Near the end of this movie, it got really shaky and what I mean by that is that it got really confusing with him waking up a bunch of times leaving wondering what is reality and what is not.

2. “Inception”
What’s the moment?- I thought this movie would confuse me throughout, but I was really happy and surprised I wasn’t confused at all. Well until the ending that is. I don’t know if he is in limbo or if he’s in reality because they never showed if the spinning top fell or not!

3. “Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox”
What’s the moment?- When Bruce was shot and killed as a kid, his mom started laughing and lifted her head up to show some sort of Joker-like face. It was weird and creepy.

4. “Oblivion”
What’s the moment?- The ending to this movie really left an impact on me. It got me thinking a lot of what was going on at the ending and how he got back. I figured it out eventually, but the moment still confused me.


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