Juicy Awards I- Worst Character Nominees

Worst character nominees


1. Betty (“The Way Way Back”)
Why she’s a nominee?- This character, in my eyes, was just a bad character. She would tell stories of everybody and constantly tries to cover up her son’s weird eye. I just didn’t like her character.

2. Kitai Raige (“After Earth”)
Why he’s a nominee?- Kitai was just a journey of annoyance. He whined and complained about everything like a little girl and his lisp just made it worse.

3. Finn (“Snow White and the Huntsman”)
Why he’s a nominee?- I can’t even look at this guy because of his by far goofy haircut and the weird dent/cut on his forehead doesn’t make it any better.

4. Mrs. Carmody (“The Mist”)
Why she’s a nominee?- This girl was a complete nut. She wouldn’t stop trying to sacrifice people to the mist and wanted to basically kill anyone that was against her. It’s funny how people went on her side.


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