Juicy Awards I- Worst Actor Nominees

Worst actor nominees


1. Jaden Smith as Kitai Raige (“After Earth”)
Why he’s a nominee?- Jaden did not do a good job at all in this movie from his constant whining to his weird lisp (which is used for his character by the way not in real life). I didn’t like the acting that he put into this movie at all.

2. Steve Lenz as Pete (“Red Dawn” (2012))
Why he’s a nominee?- Even though this actor’s character’s time was a short one, he managed to make me not like him at all because of his sloppy acting in this movie.

3. Bill Paxton as Mason (“The Colony”)
Why he’s a nominee?- This guy tried to make his character be some sort of villain or enemy, but really all he did was make his character seem stupid and just awful.

4. Sam Spruell as Finn (“Snow White and the Huntsman”)
Why he’s a nominee?- Do I really need to describe this guy to you?  Just look at the picture.


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