Juicy Awards I- Worst Actress Nominees

Worst actress nominees


1. Isabel Lucas as Erica Martin (“Red Dawn” (2012))
Why she’s a nominee?- I just didn’t like how her character was a constant distraction to the entire crew in the movie because of how they had to save her all the time making me not like her that much.

2. Halle Berry as Jordan Turner (“The Call”)
Why she’s a nominee?- I did not like this movie there for anything in it, and Halle Berry is one of them. I didn’t like her acting because of how there wasn’t much emotion shown by her.

3. Rinko Kikuchi as Mako Mori (“Pacific Rim”)
Why she’s a nominee?- This girl has been trouble throughout the whole movie from having emotional problems to her messing up a lot. I didn’t like the character or the actress.

4. Christina Ricci as Trixie (“Speed Racer”)
Why she’s a nominee?- To me, she annoyed me a lot in this movie. Her acting wasn’t that great and I just had to make her a nominee for doing so.


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