Juicy Awards I- Funniest Movie Nominees

Funniest movie nominees


1. “Fun Size”
Why it’s a nominee?- I was quite surprised at how funny this movie was. Especially the cashier at a gas station character (he was my favorite character in that movie as pictured to the right in the picture). From a big chicken falling on a car to a man streaking, this movie was really funny.

2. “The Jerk”
Why it’s a nominee?- For a movie as old as this one, it was pretty funny. Steve Martin does a great job in this movie and I really laughed at all the times that he thought that he was black. The part with the cans was also a highlight in this movie!

3. “Grown Ups 2”
Why it’s a nominee?- Even though this movie had no story line whatsoever, it was still hilarious! I mean, tell me that you are not laughing at the picture with Andy Samberg and others dressed as cheerleaders at the top! The reason why this is a nominee is that the storyline really was just a bunch of puns.

4. “Eight Crazy Nights”
Why it’s a nominee?- This movie is a classic. Whitey steals the show in this laugh out loud comedy of a cartoon, from deer that lick poop to a small woman who wears a lot of wigs, this movie is a tradition to watch and it is very funny!


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