“Mr. Peabody & Sherman”


GREEN JEANS MOVIE REVIEW: Over the weekend at my Nanny G’s house I got to see the animated film, “Mr. Peabody & Sherman” which stars Ty Burrell (Modern Family, The Incredible Hulk), Max Charles (The Amazing Spider-Man, The Neighbors), Lauri Fraser (Open Season 2, Superman (1996)), Ariel Winter (Modern Family, Speed Racer), Karan Brar (Jessie, Diary of a Wimpy Kid), Joshua Rush (Parental Guidance, Escape from Planet Earth), Allison Janney (Juno, The Way Way Back), Stephen Colbert (The Colbert Report, Strangers with Candy), Leslie Mann (17 Again, Big Daddy), and Stephen Tobolowsky (Groundhog Day, Thelma & Louise). This movie is based on of an old cartoon with the same name. It details an extremely intelligent dog named Mr. Peabody (Burrell) and his adopted son Sherman (Charles) who have time-traveling journeys ranging from the French Revolution to the painting of the Mona Lisa. Having a time machine backfires though when Sherman shows a girl named Penny (Winter) it and they get sent to Egypt. Sherman gets out, but leaves Penny behind and gets Mr. Peabody to go back with him to save her. This sets up a bunch of mistakes though as they soon make a time rift from breaking the rules of time travel. Now it is up to them to fix it and save the future before it is too late. I thought the movie was rather good. I liked the animation, the acting, the history, how funny it was, and the story was okay. Cons of this movie were that the whole time traveling plot did get very confusing toward the end and while watching it, there seemed to be errors in the plot, not regarding history, that just didn’t make sense with what was going on. Overall it was an average animated kid’s movie and I would think any kid would enjoy it. FINAL SCORE: 74%= Juicy Popcorn

Here is a trailer:

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