SATURDAY NIGHT MOVIE REVIEW: What is this? Saturday night movie review? Where’s the Friday night movie review? Well let me tell you. Friday night I left to go to a fair in another town, so I had to stay at a hotel. I didn’t have the opportunity to watch a movie so I had to watch one Saturday night instead, and with it I saw a very good movie. “Jaws” which stars Roy Scheider (2010, The French Connection), Robert Shaw (The Sting, From Russia with Love), Richard Dreyfuss (American Graffiti, Close Encounters of the Third Kind), Lorraine Gary (1941, Jaws: The Revenge), Murray Hamilton (The Graduate, The Hustler) and is directed by Steven Spielberg (Minority Report, Jurassic Park). This movie centers around a police chief named Martin Brody (Scheider) whose work is on an island known as Amity Island. Everything is going how it usually does. Summer has come and everyone is having fun under the sun going to the beach and taking a swim in the ocean. Something happens though that has never happened before. A young woman is found by Sherriff Brody on the shore torn to shreds after supposedly going missing. It is found out to be that it is a shark attack. So to save the people of Amity Island and to make it safe to go back in the waters to earn money off of summer events, Sherriff Brody enlists a marine scientist named Hooper (Dreyfuss) and a local fisherman with skills named Quint (Shaw) to go on a boating trip to find and kill the shark. I’ve never seen this movie fully, with just watching bits and pieces (I also knew what happened at the ending too). The story was just fantastic, the acting was great, and the action was great with what there was. Pretty much anything that has Steven Spielberg directing it is just golden. In a way it’s hard to think of a con for this movie, but it’s not perfect because nothing is perfect. I guess a con of this movie would be that in some instances it would get slow in dialogue, with me wanting more shark attacks. This isn’t all too bad of a con, but it has to be put in. Another con would be the special effects. I’m not going to dock a bunch of points because I know this movie came out in 1975 and back then, special effects weren’t all as great as they are now. In ways I actually thought they did well for themselves even if the shark looked a bit cheesy when it came up on the boat. So besides those two cons this movie is truly a classic and should be watched by anyone if they haven’t!!!! FINAL SCORE: 96%= Juicy Popcorn

This movie has been inducted into The Juicy Hall of Fame.

Changes have been made to this review after The Juicy Awards of 2014. They do not effect the results of what has previously been punched in for Movie of the Year.

Here is the trailer:


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