“The Incredible Hulk”


MARVEL MOVIE MADNESS REVIEW: Hulk smash! The next film in Disney’s wicked MCU is “The Incredible Hulk” which stars Edward Norton (The Illusionist, Fight Club), Liv Tyler (The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, Armageddon), Tim Roth (Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs), William Hurt (Into the Wild, A History of Violence), Tim Blake Nelson (Minority Report, O Brother Where Art Thou?), Ty Burrell (Mr. Peabody & Sherman, Modern Family), Christina Cabot (Man on the Moon, Hostage), Lou Ferrigno (The Incredible Hulk [1978 TV series], Hercules [1983]), and Stan “The Man” Lee (Spider-Man 2, Guardians of the Galaxy). Dr. Bruce Banner (Norton) is a scientist who gets involved in finding a way to use gamma radiation to heal wounded soldiers faster. Because he is so confident in his experiment, he decides to use himself as the first test subject. Something goes terribly wrong though, when the gamma radiation doesn’t help him, but instead turns him into a big, green, angry monster. Knowing what he can become when he is angry, Banner goes on the run from the military because they want to do experiments on him to make super soldiers to fight wars. After a long time in hiding, Banner finally has to come out to see if an anecdote made by a mysterious “Mr. Blue” will help him get rid of the beast inside so that he can become the man he used to be. So far in this MCU, “The Incredible Hulk” is my fifth favorite movie. The story is interesting and captivating, the action scenes are epic (and there are a great amount!), and the special effects are a big step up from 2003’s “Hulk.” When it comes to acting I have to say this: Edward Norton is phenomenal.


He is one of my favorite actors even though I haven’t seen all of his movies. When I saw this movie in theaters, I loved his performance as Bruce Banner and I wished that he carried on into “The Avengers” (Of course there had to be issues!). Don’t get me wrong, I like Mark Ruffalo. I respect his acting skills and he plays a good Bruce Banner, but I like Edward Norton more. He seemed to bring more to the table for me in performance. Now, there are some issues I have with this film. Even though the story is great, it felt a bit rushed. I thought that if the writers took the time to flush out their characters more it would have brought me into the story more than it did. Of course everyone wants to see the Hulk do some smashing, but in a way I want to see the struggles of Bruce Banner in a more dark tone. That is probably what Edward Norton wanted in the script (which led to his feud with the writers). I don’t know how it would have been executed, but if they did it right it would have a very serious feel to it and it would make it very thrilling. I enjoy this version, but I think that I would have liked the one I explained more. Another con of this movie would be Abomination (Roth). I thought the action scenes with him and Hulk at the end were great and his character was a good villain, but I felt like he was snuck in. A little over half of the movie was basically Bruce Banner trying to find a cure which I understood and the military felt like the bad guy and Emil Blonsky/Abomination was just one of their pawns. Towards the end though, he just became a villain all of the sudden and wreaked havoc on the city. I know that it was a test to have Bruce Banner choose to bring back Hulk, but I think they should have developed Abomination’s villain role from the beginning. Other than those cons, I had a great time watching this movie and whoever hasn’t seen this, watch it! FINAL SCORE: 86%= Juicy Popcorn

Here is the trailer:

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