“The Signal” (2014)


GREEN JEANS MOVIE REVIEW: Boy did this movie mess my mind up! Last weekend, I saw this movie called “The Signal” (which was the 2014 one) which stars Brenton Thwaites (The Giver, Maleficent), Olivia Cooke (Ouija, Bates Motel), Beau Knapp (Super 8, You’re Not You), Lin Shaye (There’s Something About Mary, Insidious), Robert Longstreet (Pineapple Express, Take Shelter), and Laurence Fishburne (Man of Steel, The Matrix). This movie is centered around three young adults named Nic (Thwaites), Haley (Cooke), and Jonah (Knapp). They are on a road trip until they come into contact with a mastermind and creep named Nomad. Nomad hacked into the MIT servers and accessed personal things a while back and caused Nic and Jonah to become obsessed with figuring out who this guy is. One night, Nomad talks to Nic and Jonah through a computer and they find out that he is watching them through their screen monitor. They trace back the address of where the signal (see what I did there?) was being sent and it takes them to a very eerie concrete house in the middle of no where in the dark. Nic and Jonah go in to find Nomad only to hear Haley scream. Once that happens, everything goes dark and Nic wakes up to find himself in a weird hospital stuck to a wheel chair, having to figure out where he is, how he got there, and if Haley and Jonah are okay.


This movie was a very interesting movie to watch. I saw it on the Redbox site and I wanted to rent it for a while, but it was given very low scores by the people and by IMDB. So I put it off until I went over to my grandma’s house and decided to watch it with my uncle because I still wanted to see what it was about and the trailer suggested a very mysterious story. The story was very intriguing giving a very dark and new concept. This movie was very mind-bending and it kept me and my uncle in the dark for 90% of the film which is a very good thing because the best sci-fi movies keep their viewer guessing until the end, and this movie does come through with the answers. The acting was also great, having never seen these actors or actresses before other than Laurence Fishburne who, by the way, redeemed himself from that big flop of “The Colony.” The action scenes were also great and the special effects were also awesome, giving the scenes slow motion effects at times. Cons of this movie would have to be the flow. I thought the scenes that showed Nic’s life in the past were good at first, but once you are shown the same scenes over and over again throughout the movie’s run time, it takes you away from the main story and I wanted to really see every detail of what was going on in the present. The last con I have with this movie is the ending. I kept watching the movie’s run time clock as we got closer and closer to the end, making me get nervous if they are going to end this movie the right sense. Once we reached the ending though, I was half surprised and also a little bit let down by it. Yes, the ending did explain what happened to them, but it just didn’t feel right after watching it. In ways I just wish it ended differently. Other than those this movie came out to be surprisingly good and I recommend anyone to watch it! FINAL SCORE: 81%= Juicy Popcorn

Here is the trailer:

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