JUICY AWARDS II- Most Shocking Moment Nominees (WARNING: SPOILERS)

most shocking moment nominees


This award goes out to the movie with the most shocking moment (a scene that wasn’t expected).

1. “Minority Report”- The scene where they find out who the bad guy really is.

2. “Thor: The Dark World”- At the ending where Odin turns out to be Loki in disguise, setting up a cliff hanger.

3. “Source Code”- When Colter finds out that he is actually dead and only surviving in a machine.

4. “Interstellar”- When Cooper’s team finds out that they were sent on a mission to repopulate on a different planet    rather than save the people on Earth.

5. “Forrest Gump”- At the ending where Jenny dies.

6. “Interstellar”- Where Cooper realizes that he has been Murph’s ghost all along.

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