“American Sniper”


FRIDAY NIGHT MOVIE REVIEW: Tonight I got the chance to see “American Sniper” which stars Bradley Cooper (The Hangover, Guardians of the Galaxy), Sienna Miller (Foxcatcher, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra), Sammy Sheik (Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Lone Survivor), Jake McDorman (Live Free or Die Hard, Greek [TV series]), Cory Hardrict (Gran Torino, Warm Bodies), Luke Grimes (Taken 2, Fifty Shades of Grey), Kyle Gallner (The Haunting in Connecticut, A Nightmare on Elm Street [2010]), Mido Hamada (Unknown [2011], Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow), and Keir O’Donnell (Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Paul Blart: Mall Cop). It is directed by Clint Eastwood (Gran Torino, Jersey Boys). Based on a true story, this movie follows the life of Chris Kyle (Cooper) with his service as a U.S. SEAL and how fighting for his country has changed him when he returns home, pushing him away from his family mentally.


If you ever wanted to watch a movie that feels very real, I would recommend this one. From the moment it begins to the moment it ends, I felt my mind opening up to what dangers there are out in the real world. And I gotta tell you, it is scary. The plot is very alluring, and it captured my attention for the whole length of the film. Everything from the setting to the acting felt real. It can get intense at times, having me sit up because I feel jittery with the suspense. Like I said earlier about the acting, it felt real. I didn’t know Chris Kyle personally so I wouldn’t know if Bradley Cooper got his mannerisms or way of thinking right, but nonetheless, I only saw a character and that is what all actors try to achieve. Not one moment did I see Bradley Cooper in that character. Sienna Miller played a great role as well, portraying Taya Kyle, bringing life to her character and I felt for her when she would be trying to get Chris to tell her why he is acting strange. The action scenes were directed almost perfectly, bringing a lot of suspense to the situations at hand. They were actually the best parts of the film because of how intense it would get in the storyline. At one point I flailed my arms around at the screen when Chris was at the sniper trying to make a costly decision. That is how good it was. With all of these good things I said about the movie, I did spot some cons while watching it. The first and foremost would be the cussing. I know, I know, I may sound like a wimp to people reading this, and I understand that it adds to the realism, which could be a benefactor in some sense. But it can get to be too much at times. One guy was patching up someone’s face in one scene and the only adjective he used to describe things was the “F” word. If you think that what I am saying is farfetched because it shouldn’t bother me, you should also think of it this way: Chris Kyle is a religious guy, I mean he stole a Bible one time so that he could have one with him. But hearing him say the Lord’s name in vain doesn’t make any sense to his character. Why go against one of the rules of Christianity? Speaking of things that make no sense, there is a minor con I have that took until the end of the movie to realize: what happened to Chris’s brother? I won’t spoil anything, but the last time you see Chris’s brother in this film, he tells Chris something that should invoke Chris to talk to him again to solve whatever conflict, but you never see him again. Like I said, it is a minor con and you can see why Chris’s brother said what he said when you get further into the film, but I would’ve thought that they would’ve added a scene where Chris talks with his brother again. Another con I have would have to be how there are some scenes (I think only two) where they show graphic war violence and it is hard to watch. They both involve children. It makes it real, like I mentioned with the cussing, but to actually see these things with my own eyes is not pleasant. Finally, the last con (which is minor since it is only one scene) I have involves a certain scene where Chris and his team are trying to escape in a dust storm. This scene would have been much cooler if I could actually see what was going on. If they were trying to make it in a way to show how people would see this in real life, they succeeded, but I really wanted to see what was going on, especially when there is action to be seen. Other than those cons, this is a good piece of cinema. The ending of this film was sad, but it is based on a true story so you have to make it as true to the story as you can, so it is understandable. I would recommend anyone eligible to watch rated R movies to check this one out because it will keep you glued to your seat. FINAL SCORE: 90%= Juicy Popcorn

Here is the trailer:


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