“Back to the Future Part III”

back to the future 3

A 1.21 GIGAWATTS FUELED REVIEW: And thus we end this “futuristic” marathon with “Back to the Future Part III,” which stars Michael J. Fox (Teen Wolf [1985], Spin City [TV series]), Christopher Lloyd (Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, Foodfight!), Mary Steenburgen (Stepbrothers, The Proposal), Thomas F. Wilson (DreamWorks Dragons [TV series], Camp Nowhere), Lea Thompson (Ping Pong Summer, Thin Ice), and Elisabeth Shue (Walking Madison, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation [TV series]). It is directed by Robert Zemeckis (Cast Away, Forrest Gump) who also co-wrote it with Bob Gale (Bordello of Blood, 1941). In this final installation of the “Back to the Future” franchise, we find Marty McFly (Fox) right where he was at the end of the previous film, stuck in 1955 with Doctor Emmett Brown (Lloyd) trapped in 1885. With the letter of where the DeLorean is that Doc gave to Marty, he plans to get the Doc Brown from 1955 to help him fix it and send him back to 1885 to bring back his Doc Brown.


And here we are, at the end of the franchise. All roads end here. Right out of the gate, I want to say that this film isn’t as good as the two before it. I mean, there was no chance of it beating the original, but it could have taken out the sequel. There is a lot going for this movie, but it served more as a conclusion than a flick of its own merits. Don’t let that turn you away from it though, because this picture is very enjoyable. This, along with the other two films, gives a sense that the writers, Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale, really want to give a good experience to their audience, and I can tell that there is heart behind all of these movies. Starting with the pros, lets begin with the story. What I liked most about this film is the fact that it stands out amongst the others. The previous two films are set in either the 80’s or 50’s while this one is set in the late 1800’s. It’s a western, a genre way different from what one would expect out of this franchise. But I like it, because I enjoy westerns. Heck, they even refer to Clint Eastwood and his “Man with No Name” films, one of my favorite movie franchises of all time (which, if you look, the rich, alternate future Biff [Wilson] from “Back to the Future Part II” actually foresees an outcome of this movie when he was in the hot tub). Along with this time period came fantastic scenery, costuming, and makeup. The old west is an awesome time period to make a film around and this movie performs well in that atmosphere. It is odd, sure, but it works. Just seeing Marty and Doc in the old west is enough to make you laugh. Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd performed greatly as always as well as Thomas F. Wilson and Lea Thompson. The new addition to the cast, Mary Steenburgen, also did a very good job, and her character’s bond with Doc seemed genuine. It was a feel-good thing to watch in this entry, seeing as how Doc is usually by himself in life without Marty. Special effects have improved, of course, and with this movie being set in the old west, not many visual effects were used which was good because it doesn’t feel outdated like how “Back to the Future Part II” may get in the near future. The action scenes were carried out masterfully as well as the directing, and I thought the crew did a great job putting this movie together. The climactic event with the train at the end has to be the best part of this whole experience. This was an entertaining release by far, but it doesn’t live up to the first film or the second, and I’ll explain why. First con up is actually a two-parter, with the fact that this movie has the same issues as the previous one. If you haven’t read my “Back to the Future Part II” review (for those of you who haven’t followed the marathon), the problem I found in that and this movie is the rehashing of jokes and certain things can be nitpicked. With the rehashing of jokes, like I said in the last review, some of them are enjoyable (like the model Doc built), but then you have ones that just need to be tossed at some point (Marty sleeping thinking that his mom is waking him up, but it is really someone else played by Lea Thompson). Those can get old really fast and makes me feel as though the writers can’t think of new jokes to insert. As with the nitpicky things, it mainly has to deal with some goofs or time-travel related things. One that I can give as an example would be Jennifer (Shue) waking up with the memory of the future even though she was left in an alternate 1985 timeline. Since the time reverted back to its original standpoint, how could she possibly remember events that she hasn’t even visited? She was even on the same porch. A new con that is added to the list with these would be how it can be slow. Mainly towards the second act. It takes until the third act for things to really pick up again. In the end, this is an entertaining release that is actually really good. It isn’t fantastic like the original or great like the second, but it still delivers a story that is new and shows characters that we all love in a situation that we can enjoy watching. I recommend anyone to not knock this one off and check it out. FINAL SCORE: 87%= Juicy Popcorn

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