juicy awards III wallpaper


The Juicy Awards is upon us again, this one being the third. For those of you who don’t know what this is, it is basically like the Oscars of my site. I award films I have reviewed in 2015 in different categories, this year being 33 instead of 30 like the previous years (new awards being The Perfect Award, Best Musical Score, Immunity Award). I will release the nominations and winner of these categories every day for the month of January. Some days will have more than one category announced. The categories for awards will be listed below in the order of when the winner is chosen:

January 1: Most Watched Movie
January 2: Most Thrilling Movie
January 3: Best Animated Movie
January 4: Best Villain
January 5: Burnt Popcorn Award
January 6: Worst Character
January 7: Worst Actress
January 8: Funniest Movie
January 9: Best Visual Effects
January 10: Best Musical Score
January 11: Perfect Award
January 12: Most Shocking Moment
January 13: Worst Ending
January 14: Most Confusing Moment
January 15: Funniest Character
January 16: Best Actor
January 17: Best Actress
January 18: Best Quote, Immunity Award
January 19: Most Disgusting Moment
January 20: Worst Actor
January 21: Best Concept
January 22: Best Supporting Actor
January 23: Best Supporting Actress
January 24: Why? Moment
January 25: Fan’s Pick
January 26: Worst Villain
January 27: Awesomest Moment
January 28: Ka-Boom!, Walken’s Wild One
January 29: Best Character
January 30: Movie of the Month Winners
January 31: Movie of the Year

In case anyone is wondering, here is the information about the new awards:

The Perfect award goes to the film with the most perfect score (I assume everyone who follows this site knows which one that is), the Immunity Award goes to the movie (or movies) that aren’t nominated for anything else because of how it will win several categories (unfair to other movies and will make a boring competition), and Best Musical Score explains itself in its name.


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