Juicy Awards III- Most Disgusting Moment Nominees

most disgusting moment nominees


  1. When Ted got his “franks and beans” stuck in his zipper. (“There’s Something About Mary”)
  2. The wood chipper scene. (“Fargo” [1996])
  3. When Maximus was scraping his tattoo off his arm. (“Gladiator”)
  4. When Pat saw the older woman’s breast through the window. (“There’s Something About Mary”)
  5. When Paul Blart watched some guy eat a rotten banana. (“Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2”)
  6. The popcorn surprise scene. (“Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser”)
  7. When Norman had to wash the blood off from the inside of the tank. (“Fury”)
  8. When the woman sticks her hand in the monster’s droppings. (“Gamera: Guardian of the Universe”)

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