Juicy Awards III- Why? Moment Nominees

why moment nominees


  1. When Big Stan survived his attack. (“Cut Bank”)
  2. Moses and Ramses being washed away by the Red Sea. (“Exodus: Gods and Kings”)
  3. The “I’ve Got You Under My Skin” music number. (“Gamer”)
  4. How it took an army to get to the tank in ten minutes while it took Norman only a couple. (“Fury”)
  5. The clichéd ending. (“It’s Kind of a Funny Story”)
  6. When Donk and Reevis were still alive in the end. (“Into the Storm”)
  7. When you find out the bad guy is allergic to oatmeal. (“Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2”)
  8. God being portrayed as a child. (“Exodus: Gods and Kings”)
  9. When there was removable floorboards under the truck Bryan was hiding under. (“Taken 3”)
  10. When Magneto allowed Xavier to come into Jean’s home. (“X-Men: The Last Stand”)
  11. When Bryan made Kim throw grenades so he could pinpoint where he is at and no one is stopping her. (“Taken 2”)
  12. The indian woods scene. (“Slow West”)

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