IMPORTANT NOTICE: In the Director’s Chair With Jared Hess Double-Take Marathon

in the director's chair jared hess


Another director’s marathon spells a ton of fun. Especially whenever it is also a double-take marathon. For those of you who are not familiar with the double-take marathon, it is when me and another person review an array of films together. My guest reviewer is once again the Captain Critic, and the director in particular that we will observe works of is Jared Hess: the creator of “Napoleon Dynamite.” Everyone knows of that classic piece of cinematography, but some may not know his other works. We will both be reviewing “Napoleon Dynamite,” “Nacho Libre,” “Gentlemen Broncos,” and his latest entry, “Don Verdean.”

the bourne marathon

Just like the last double-take marathon, which focused on the “Bourne” franchise, Captain Critic’s and my reviews will be separated by icons, pictured above. Whenever a movie poster has one of those icons on it, you will know who reviewed it. All of Captain Critic’s reviews will not be a part of my monthly movie rankings because of how the monthly rankings are of my opinion. This marathon will take place from March 3rd- March 6th. I want to thank Captain Critic for taking his time to review these with me!

Here are the days:

Day 1– “Napoleon Dynamite”
Day 2– “Nacho Libre”
Day 3– “Gentlemen Broncos”
Day 4– “Don Verdean”


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