“Wayne’s World”


THE WAYNE’S WORLD, PARTY TIME REVIEW: “Wayne’s World” stars Mike Meyers (Shrek, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery), Dana Carvey (The Master of Disguise, Clean Slate), Rob Lowe (Tommy Boy, Parks and Recreation [TV series]), Tia Carrere (True Lies, Lilo & Stitch), Bryan Doyle-Murray (Groundhog Day, Caddyshack), Lara Flynn Boyle (Men in Black II, The Practice [TV series]), Michael DeLuise (He Was a Quiet Man, Encino Man), Lee Tergesen (Monster, Oz [TV series]), Kurt Fuller (The Pursuit of Happyness, Midnight in Paris), and Ed O’Neil (Married with Children [TV series], The Bone Collector). It is directed by Penelope Spheeris (The Little Rascals [1994], Black Sheep) and is written by Mike Meyers, Bonnie Turner (Funland, Coneheads), and Terry Turner (Tommy Boy, The Brady Bunch Movie). Wayne Campbell (Meyers) and his best friend Garth Algar (Carvey) star in their own public access television show, “Wayne’s World.” When a young producer watches their show, he pitches it to his boss, wanting him to see it as a way to reach out to kids and make profit. Once he gets the go-ahead, this producer approaches Wayne and Garth, and their path to fame begins.


“Schwing!” We launch this very short marathon with the hilarious film, “Wayne’s World,” a culmination of cool dudes living with their parents, movie references, and constant breaking of the fourth wall. I consider it a classic, and I’ll tell you why. The biggest compliment that I could possibly give this film is that it is incredibly fun. In watching this again, I found myself still laughing and having a good time. The jokes in this are masterful, and they give “Deadpool” a run for its money in the breaking-the-fourth-wall department. It’s unique, and takes no time to be serious. The characters and acting in this were great, even for a comedy. Mike Myers and Dana Carvey have some of the best chemistry onscreen, and they were by far the best parts of the adventure. Even by themselves they held weight. Written for the fans of the skit in “Saturday Night Live,” which this movie originates from, the story of this release felt like it had a lot of heart put into it. Even the influence of sponsors that would give us product placement were brushed off in a quick and hilarious bit. If there is one thing to gripe about in this flick, however, it would be how loose the plot actually is. For its short runtime, I was given an entertaining experience, but it offered little of a drive for our characters. Sure, there is a story, but it feels almost nonexistent at times because of how the writers need to insert a couple of jokes. By the time this movie ended, I retained very little of what actually happened, because nothing really did. They made fun of film clichés, which was fun while it lasted, but they ended up not providing a solid story of their own. That’s usually the problem with comedic movies. They provide fun scenes and give laughs, but they have trouble in pulling off a noteworthy story. Although I love “Wayne’s World” dearly, I have to mark it down for giving me little to comprehend, and that would be my only issue with it. I would still recommend people to watch it, however, for its jokes can be legendary, and I find myself quoting them quite a bit. FINAL SCORE: 87%= Juicy Popcorn

Here is the trailer:

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