“When We First Met” (2018)

MOVIE REVIEW: “When We First Met” stars Adam Devine (Pitch Perfect, Workaholics [TV series]), Alexandra Daddario (Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, Baywatch [2017]), Shelley Hennig (Unfriended, Teen Wolf [TV series]), Andrew Bachelor (To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, The Babysitter [2017]), Robbie Amell (Struck by Lightning, The DUFF), Dean J. West (The Hunt, LBJ), and Tony Cavalero (School of Rock [TV series], The Binge). It is directed by Ari Sandel (The DUFF, Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween) and written by John Whittington (The Lego Batman Movie, The Lego Ninjago Movie).

Realizing that a photo booth at the bar he works at has time travel abilities, Noah (Devine) decides to go back in time to the night he first met Avery (Daddario), a girl he has feelings for who is now marrying another man, in hopes to change the future.

One morning, after finishing breakfast, “When We First Met” was put on the television in our kitchen. What was thought to be a casual film to merely put on in the background (my family had never seen it before) turned into an interesting comedy that held our attention. For the entirety of its runtime. So, of course a review was warranted.

“When We First Met” takes that lovable time-traveling plot device and places it in a photo booth. But not just any old photo booth! One that our lead, Noah, uses. You see, there’s this girl he met three years ago at a Halloween party. They hit it off really well, but instead of taking things to the next level, poor Noah became a friend, and eventually attended the engagement party of said girl and her beau, Max (Amell). Rats. Don’t you just hate that? Well, luckily for Noah, he found out the photo booth at his work can take him back in time. Queue Hewey Lewis and the News!

Having walked in with zero expectations (and zero clue as to what this film even was), I was surprised to find just how entertaining it was. Yes, it’s predictable. Sure, the time-traveling element can drag out the story. But, much like my experience with “Twins” earlier this month, I had a fun time. Adam Devine garners the laughs in this pretty basic role, doing what he always does, but going the extra mile to assume the lead character profile. I thought he was very funny, turning what would be a write-off of a feature into something enjoyable. Even the actors around him brought excitement to the viewing experience, lending to some good, comedic moments that, while I won’t go raving about, made for solid escapism.

And there isn’t much more I can say about it. The movie is simplistic, as are my thoughts on it. I will say that towards the third act, it story structure seemed to waver (there was a time it could have ended, but continued), but aside from that, everything was fairly smooth. It’s not a mind-blowing feature with a message that takes your breath away. Everything is straightforward, but how they executed it made for a pleasant viewing experience. While it’s not highly recommendable, it certainly is a nice watch to consider when you’ve got nothing else to do and can’t make up your mind scrolling through Netflix. FINAL SCORE: 78%= Juicy Popcorn

Here is the trailer:

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