Juicy Awards I- Worst Villain Nominees

Worst villain nominees 1

Worst Villain Nominees:

1. Royalton (“Speed Racer”)
Why he’s a nominee?- He didn’t really stop Speed to race in the tournament at all and basically all he did was ruin the racing strategy for him. Other than that he did nothing.

2. Aliens (“Signs”)
Why they are a nominee?- It’s not the performance of these aliens in the movie that make them bad, but what their weakness is: water. Earth is made up of 70% of water so good luck with that!

3. Cannibals (“The Colony”)
Why they are a nominee?- There was really no drive to these people, but to eat them. Even though they killed off a colony, they still wanted more for some odd reason making them terrible, crazy animals.

4. Steve (“The Italian Job”)
Why he’s a nominee?- Even though this movie won movie of the month for November, Steve wasn’t a very good villain. He spent his money on all the stuff that his former teammates wanted having nothing in mind of what he himself wanted and his work to keep them away from getting revenge was sloppy.


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